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What is Aion Sizeworkz?

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What is Aion Sizeworkz?

Post by Nimph on Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:33 pm

What is Aion?

Aion is a MMORPG with similar mechanics to the popular game known as WOW (World of Warcraft).
Aion is a very pretty game with plenty of land for both normal players and role players to explore, on top of that Aion is quite famous for it's massive collection of clothes, Weapons and also has a good selection of Skills and Emotes.

What is less known about Aion is it's "GM Commands" that Unlock a number of unique possibility's for the role player to take advantage of.
Such as:-

Shrinking or Growing your characters size.
morphing into one of the Native animals or npc's that appear in Aion.
The ability to change the speed of your character
To turn yourself invisible.
The ability to change Camera settings to give you whole new view of the world!

Why Aion SizeWorkz was created?

The are many small role playing communities that lack players.
Here at "Aion SizeWorkz" we are hoping to create a middle and neutral ground between multiple communities.

Instant Ban Rule

The only Rule I must state is that the "Aion SizeWorkz" Server is strictly for "ADULTS ONLY".
The Reason for This is Simple because multiple communities are expected to use the server. That these merging communities will be of an adult nature.

People found being under age will be banded until there 18th birthday!!!!!

Server Rules

1. You Must be over the age of 18+
2 - Any offence towards any member will be punished with a warning, and after that a ban. Offences regarding race, sexual orientation or religion will be punished with an instant ban.
3 -  Respect everyone's opinions.

Who Is Welcome In Aion SizeWorkz?

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome here!!!!!
The game is open to anyone that wishes to join this includes players not interested in the role play side of things.

You might be a player that adores the game or someone like me that simply cant stop taking screenshots. Here we will try our best to make everyone happy this includes those that do not fit in to the category of "Normal" players.

Aion is a Fantasy world with mixture of modern day luxuries such as housing with fridges and TV's we even built a School and and Night Club!!

Players can wear anything from modern day clothes to clothes more suited for a demon to wear.
Clothes considered as "steampunk" and Latex futuristic clothing giving you a more "Tron" look.

The worlds are just as wide range as the clothes! from simple farm land to deaths of Hell itself.
The magical floating city of Sanctum to an Airship that includes a bar and even crews quarters!

Honestly the designers of Aion have not held back in giving us a massive world that find myself still exploring after over 7 years of playing.
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