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A Mermaid Awakens From Her Long Slumber

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A Mermaid Awakens From Her Long Slumber

Post by Oceanna on Mon Aug 21, 2017 1:15 pm

I have been a sleep for along time at the bottom of the ocean. Always keeping to her self in the ocean not trusting the surfaces dwellers she has seen from the dephts of the ocean and surfacing to see what they were up to. As she watched them catching her the fish in nets that she called her friends but also fed upon them until this very day where she saw the humans catching and eating the fish she need to survive.

Oceanna would get very angry at this and find a new skill in her body that didn't rely on magic as she grew to 75 ft tall under the ocean she would see her new size and smirk as she swam up to the surface. Just surfacing enough as her head was out of the water and opened her mouth wide as water began rushing into it. The current would catch the boat as i the men tried to row away but couldn't get away as they were washed into Oceanna mouth where she snapped her jaws shut on em trapping them inside of her mouth as she made a loud gulping sound sending the men and boat down her throat. 

So from here on out humans you better beware of the ocean waters a mermaid has awoken to protect her home from your kind and if she sees you dmging her ocean or anything bad you better be watching your back because you never know where i will surface from. Even if i catch you swimming i could be anywhere ready to pounce on a unexpecting meal.
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