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A Sexual Sneaky Ashera

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A Sexual Sneaky Ashera

Post by Ashera on Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:12 pm

Ashera is half Neko and Human her mother is full Neko and her father was human. Since he was human and had to get special permission from the queen of the Neko to live on the island after falling in love with Ashera mother. So after the queen had a long meeting with the others and so he got permission to live on the island and his love so years past and Ashera was born. She was learning many things from her parents and fellow nekos thru the years. But she was kind of a trouble maker starting fights and pulling pranks as she grew up.

But behind the scenes her father had secretly been planning to enslave all the Neko including his love and daughter for big lump sum of money. As the years pasted and Ashera hit the age of 18 her bad rap has grown as she had learned to grow big thru an ability she learned. One of the bad things she did was play a game of cach with a classmate which she thought was a normal game which all nekos did to test their speed. But unknown to her was Ashera had a hidden rule if she caught ya you was going to die. So the game began as Ashera let em get out of sight and the village and then grew to 90 ft tall and caught the female Neko easily as the Neko was saying unfair Ashera didn't care as she opened her mouth wide and threw the female Neko inside and snapped her jaws shut sealing the Neko inside.

Ashera began to play with the neko in her mouth until she got tired and swallowed her whole but unknown to Ashera the Queen had seen the whole act and called for Ashera parents to em she was going to exile their daughter if she didn't change. So that is when her father made his move to enslave the Nekos calling for a special feast in the center of the village for easy capture as he secretly called his buddy to come to the island. So everyone came but Ashera since her mother chewed her out and said she couldn't come to it. So everyone ate all the food except for him which he knew he had it drugged. The slavers arrived and made their way to the village to capture everyone but Ashera heard the noise and crept out to see what was going on as she saw everyone fall asleep except for the queen and her mother who sniffed the drugs out.

As they blamed her father for this her mother was crying and asked why he did this and he told her this made Ashera angry as she lost control and grew again to 120 ft tall and began crushing the men and eating them as her mother and the queen saw this and yelled for Ashera to stop but she didn't hear them. As she wrecked the village and men til she caught her father in her hands as she glaredat himin anger not caring what his excuse was. She threw him into her mouth and swallowed him whole as her screamed and started yelling at her to let out to face justice as Ashera glared at her mother as she lost all respect for parents. As she grabbed her mom and bite her in half and swallowed the rest as the queen had enough and grew herself as Ashera saw this and tried to stop her but couldn't as she stood no chance and was exiled from her kind for destruction of the village and killing her mom and others.
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